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Location: UK

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Bedlam Oz - CatwalkImpact Artists   Bedlam Oz - CatwalkImpact Artists

CATWALK is a fashion parade featuring 3 couples parading 6 costume changes with a finale of inflated designer fashion. Catwalk is about lifestyle, image and body sculpturing. Male dolls discover their dream partners and decide to dress and sculpt them into their dream "babe".
In the fashion parade that follows a captivating fusion of high fashion, inflatable technology and stunning visuals with a big beat soundtrack, enthrall the audience. A generous commission by Northern Arts (UK) has allowed Australian company Bedlam Oz to produce their most ambitious work so far. Recent performances of CATWALK include 25 performances through out England, Ireland, Holland, Australia and most recently a highly successful season at Esplanade Theatre on the Bay in Singapore.

Bedlam Oz - Catwalk Bedlam Oz - Catwalk Bedlam Oz - Catwalk Bedlam Oz - Catwalk
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