Magicians: Cartik the Conjuror

Location: India

  Cartik the ConjurorImpact Artists  

1) Close up magic:
a) Pick-a-card routines with 'flash' , gambling routine.
b) Comedy Magic with egg- as per your ideas. Make egg appear during patter piece; then the audience volunteer experiences magic/mystery of the egg. Excellent comedy routine. The effect:- egg is cracked open into a glass and held on top of the volunteer's head. a coaster is placed on top with the sign 'do not remove' on it then the volunteer is asked to turn the glass upside down. The volunteer is then asked to remove the coaster. A few laughs and giggles are shared. The coaster is removed but the egg seems to have been magically transformed and now refuses to fall out on top of the volunteer's head. First time in India! Excellent for any type of setting. Can also be performed in bars with actual liquor from the bar. or just about any setting can be scripted.

2) Stage Illusion:
Coin & Card Manipulations incorporating Kathak, Martial arts, World Dance & Ballet of Conjuring arts performed over 8 mins. Track--- Karunesh--- 'Punjab' with assistant at the intro and finale. World Standard Manipulations!! Sleight of Hand plus ballet to give a 'never before seen' production. I will perform a folk dance recital (kathak) whilst conjuring cards, coins and fire elemental from finger tips. Note: Stage/platform a must!!. Audience @ 45* angles to get best illusion. Cannot be performed surrounded!

3) Illusions:
You can also look forward to exclusive illusion acts. Never before seen. This is the one I've prepared for Star Plus. 'The Doors' - My assistant/ dancer( Belly dancer or other wise) will walk through this illusion prop with two doors that swing open to show empty and then conjures the magician. The Magician appears amidst a cloud of smoke and flash pot pyrotechnics. Excellent for TV and Stage. Never before seen! High Energy!

4) Character role Playing:
Theme shows---I will be performing comedy magic one segment and play that character who would be serious gambler/hustler/thief the next. The third segment will have the artistic side where in I'm a dancer performing a dance recital accompanied by assistant while conjuring cards coins etc. The fourth Character will be that of an Illusionist. . Excellent for TV or stage/platform.-- I have a pearl necklace routine to add to this segment provided you can arrange for a video feed for close ups. Or else pearls r too small to be seen over a distance. I make pearls appear outta thin air and then fuse them to form a pearl necklace. This was the one David Copperfield performed for TV ABC Special in the 80's. But I've managed to end the segment with a new surprise prop to take the magical experience to the 21st century.

5) Floating Rose:
Copperfield adapted this segment and gave his own style and finesse. Originally performed by Kevin James this segment is a romantic segment, a visual ballad. A theatrical representation of a man's love for his woman.---The effect-- I have a quarrel with my dancer/assistant. She is upset at me. I begin to remove a paper napkin/tissue and using 'origami' techniques I make her a rose. She's still not impressed. So I cast a spell on her. She (along with the audience) is hypnotized and they see the paper rose floating and levitating almost dancing over her hands. She's still not impressed. I remove a lighter and set the paper rose on fire. In a flash of pyrotechnics the paper rose has been transformed into a real rose. I believe I've won her back now. End of segment.

6) Magic and Martial Arts:
A flashy segment where I turn silks into cane, cane fight and cane into silk. disappearing silk, money magic from silk ( on VCD), thimble production/manipulation with silk.