Aerialists: Bungee Belles

Location: UK

Bungee BellesImpact Artists   Bungee BellesImpact Artists

The Bungee Belles are both talented and experienced aerialists who have combined to create this unique and imaginative act.
High above the unsuspecting audience on an aerial hoop, they synchronise and contort before one of them drops, bringing gasps from the crowd. Now the girls begin to somersault and spin, building to an amazing finale where they link together and rotate around each other.

Performed to music from Moulin Rouge, this is a sexy, dynamic and dangerously exciting spectacle not to be missed.

Please note, this act can be themed to suit requirements.

The Bungee Belles have performed all over the UK and the World, from the Glastonbury Festival to exclusive London events, from Holland to Hong Kong. Most recently, they worked with Roncalli circus in Germany. Wherever they go, the originality of the act combined with the daring and flair with which they perform always captures the audience, drawing gasps of amazement and delight. It's a guaranteed thriller!

Bungee Belles
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