Stilts: Bright N Funny

Location: UK

Bright N FunnyImpact Artists   Bright N FunnyImpact Artists

Gorgeous Gourmet
Be scrumptiously entertained by Georgina and Maisy. These two delightfully tall (and occasionally small should the need arise) waitresses, will make your evening a gastro extravaganza with magic, the odd balloon and ladles of fun!

Top Totty
A class act (well they think they are). Millicent and Beatrice just laav to chairt and mhake the best of every phoe-toe hopport-chew-naughty. Toodle loo darling (Names subject to change of course), err, excuse me, but where is my glass of champagne?

Simply Gorgeous
For your delectation. Let them welcome your guests in style. These simply gorgeous artists may also entertain you with their range of burlesque balloons. Saucy but nice, for oh so many occasions!

Molly the Dolly
Molly the Dolly is a multiskilled meddler who LOVES to chat. Her meddling may include comedy magic, chaotic juggling, and delightful balloons, and lots of carol singing with alternative words for the festive season!

Bright N Funny Bright N Funny Bright N Funny Bright N Funny Bright N Funny
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