Jugglers: Brad Weston

Location: USA

Brad WestonImpact Artists   Brad WestonImpact Artists

The Brad Weston Experience is a fast paced theatrical thrill ride through juggling, escape artistry, balancing, lasso spinning and visual effects. World class comedian Brad Weston will not only walk barefoot on the edge of a single sword, but juggle machetes at the same time (as seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Ripleyé─˘s Believe it or Not!) Whether ité─˘s juggling chain saws, balancing bowling balls, or performing his escape artist routine on a unicycle, his sophisticated physical comedy and quirky style will make a memorable experience for everyone in the audience.

"I don't know how Brad Weston does what he does. I'm just so glad that he does it!"-
Ellen Degeneres

Brad Weston Brad Weston Brad Weston Brad Weston Brad Weston
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