Lookalikes: Borat Sagdiyev

Location: UK

Borat SagdiyevImpact Artists   Borat SagdiyevImpact Artists

Borat - Make Glorious Tribute Act To is simply the best Borat Tribute lookalike act. Stuart, as Borat, will come to your corporate event, party or happening whatever, whenever, wherever and make you laugh. If you don't laugh then you may well need to check that you're not dead.

With a wealth of experience performing around the world in almost every type of event he will come and entertain your clients, customers, or staff for whatever reason you so wish. You're guaranteed the wacky, wild and zany behaviour from Borat.
Borat gives thumbs up, nice!

Borat Sagdiyev Borat Sagdiyev Borat Sagdiyev
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