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Location: Russia

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The Ballet é─˙Bize Lizué─¨ was created by Ivan Koklyushkin in the spring of 1997. The first performance of his dancing cast took place on 20th December 1997. Since then this date is assumed to be the birthday of Bize Lizu.
Bize Lizu has a unique, and to a degree incomparable, style from other dance performances. Every step is done with professional care. Their performance blends together acting, choreography, meticulous costume detail and well thought out individual plots. Thanks to its unique attributes, the ballet has enjoyed for years a phenomenal success with its public.
Show ballet dancing is normally staged as a backdrop to a celebrity performance. Ivan Koklyushkin, through his talent and creativity, has transformed it into a main staged event. He started with short choreographed performances which already then had an underlying plot. He evolved his production into a real play like performances of ballet dance.
With years of success behind him, a number of Russian and international celebrities and directors turn to Ivan Koklyushkin for help with the choreography and casting of their dance programs.
From 2001 thereon Bize Lizu has been actively touring around the world. They were met with ovations in the USA, Israel, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Estonia.
In the course of Bize Lizu's history, Ivan Koklyushkin created eight distinct solo programs. Release of the last program named é─˙Seductioné─¨ in October 2006 became an important and long awaited event for a large number of the balleté─˘s loyal fans.
The program includes all new dance numbers.
The name, in of itself, is intriguing.
The concept of beauty is the central theme of the new production.
Love is also present in every scene.
The audience will see fifteen new scenes cleverly interconnected.
The show is filed with enchanting music. But let us not tell you all the secrets of the new program. Some things can not be described, they must be seen.
Ivan Koklyushkin and Bize Lizu stand out because they always produce something different, original, unique and possessing individual character.
They consistently exhibit high professionalism in performing artistic, choreographic and technical compositions.
In a word, Bize Lizu is a ballet of feelings, grace and artistic beauty. It is a ballet of life that is love and hate, passion and betrayal. Without those intense emotions our life might be too plain, perhaps even boring.

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