Jugglers: Big Grey

Location: UK

Related Acts: High Impact
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Juggler and Walkabout Performer:
Not only is this guy 6' 6'' tall, but he has a personality to match.
He is also a phenomenally talented juggler and walkabout artist. If you want a skilled juggling act or a walkabout juggler with a difference, then Big Grey is the man for you.
On the stage his act is a stunning mix of glowball and ring juggling, and his walkabout usually combines crystal balls with his overwhelming presence and personality.

Other acts:
* a fire show (on stage or as meet & greet) involving fiere eating, fire breathing, torches, staffs and poi.
* The Fakir - a bed of nails act that involves audience members standing on him!

Book Big Grey to give your event something a little different.

Big Grey Big Grey Big Grey Big Grey Big Grey
Big Grey Big Grey
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