Aerialists: Beatrix Thomas

Location: Germany

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Beatrix Thomas completed her Diploma of Art, Drama in 1992 in Berlin.
She is a specialist in the field of aerial art, and there she fascinates with her work on vertical ropes and silks.
Her performances are characterised by expressive choreography with the lightness and elegance of a dancer.

In Sweden Beatrix Thomas was awarded the Circus Festival "Circus Princess" with the prize of most innovative performance.

Besides countless appearances in galas and special events, as a rule she performs for renowned playhouses like, for example, the Roncalli Apollo Variety Theater in D?║sseldorf, The Wintergarten Variety Theater Berlin, The Cham?žleon Variety Theater, Berlin and The GopVariety Theater in Hannover and Essen and the Neues Theater Hoechst in Frankfurt.
Engagements in Houston Texas, Portugal, Turkey, Iceland, England and Monte Carlo show the great international interest in her artistic performances.

Television performances on "Money or Love", "The Film Awards", "One, Two or Three", "Television Garden" and a portrait of the artist on the GermanTV channel HR1 on "Maintower" have left a lofty impression on the viewers.

Working with the famous DJ Bobo in the context of the "Planet Colors Tour" Beatrix Thomas develops an innovative and breathtaking "Act on silks", as part of the whole show. Also in her collaborative work with "Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestear", as well as "Buena Vista Social Club" from Kuba the versatility and adaptability of Beatrix Thomas in her aerial work is undeniable.

Beatrix Thomas Beatrix Thomas Beatrix Thomas Beatrix Thomas Beatrix Thomas
Beatrix Thomas Beatrix Thomas Beatrix Thomas
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