Walkabout: Duel Impact - Batman

Location: UK

Artists: Tony Phipps
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Da da da da, da da da DA, DA DA DA DA, DA DA DA DA, Batman.

The caped crusader is here to save your event from one of his arch enemies - Boredom. Yes Batman will liven up any event with his acrobatics and gadgets plucked from his all purpose Bat-utility belt. Gotham City's costumed crimefighter, Batman is also bookable with a villain - perfect for town centre entertainment as Batman chases and captures the villain in a spectacular acrobatic battle.

So pick up the Bat-phone and call today to book Batman.

Important Note: To maintain a low profile Batman is likely to turn up to the event in his Peugeot 106! - he only uses the Batmobile for his crime-busting efforts.