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Location: UK

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Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages…
Step right up! The Barren Carousel Family Sideshow! Take a ride into the decrepit world of three bumbling crusaders that have peddled far and wide from the mountain tops of Siberia to the Glens of Antrim. Ruby Barren has devoted her life to perfecting her artform and setting impossibly high standards that only she can achieve. Her daughter Tulip, a child prodigy, desperately attempts to live up to her mother’s expectations only to be upstaged by her two left feet. The current Mr. Barren, the eccentric Colonel Finch frantically balances family life with keeping their 27th generation circus show on the road. And what a show it is! Marvel at…

Death-Defying Trapeze
Back Cracking Contortion
Jaw Dropping Acrobatics
Fearless Aerial Feats
Giant Ball Juggling
Live Musical Mayhem!

The Barren Carrousel will transport you into their ragbag world of wonders! May all your days be circus days!

Barren Carrousel Barren Carrousel Barren Carrousel Barren Carrousel
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