Lookalikes: Austin Prowess

Location: UK

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Yeah Baby yeah! You are such a sexy beast for visiting this page. Welcome to the best Austin Powers look-alike in Europe. May your Mojo never wilt and let the swinging times begin!

Brian Allanson has worked as an Austin Powers look-alike on promotional events for companies like Nobel Biocare (the worlds largest dental implant people), Ford dealerships and Barrett Homes on the larger scale and Navigator PR Ltd and Bay Broadband Co-op Ltd on the smaller scale.

He is also working on a joint venture (no you cant smoke it, baby!) to hook up with my arch nemesis Dr Evil. Austin Powers look-alike and Dr Evil look-alike together totally shagadelic, baby! And they wont be asking for One hundred billion dollars!

Whether its a swinging shindig, corporate party, product promotion or meeting and greeting your guests at a private event, hell get your day or evening swinging from the beginning, baby.

I think youll find that theres no European Austin Powers look-alike closer to the man himself than Brian. Its all in his genes, baby! And just bursting to get out, yeah! Remember when you book this Austin Powers look-alike you dont just get a look-alike; you get a sound-alike and the full, shagadelic performance, baby! Oh behave! - he wont!

Austin Prowess Austin Prowess Austin Prowess Austin Prowess Austin Prowess
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