Acrobats: Atlantis

Location: Ukraine

AtlantisImpact Artists   AtlantisImpact Artists

Atlantis is an enigmatic and alluring land, terra incognita, earthly paradise of the ancient times that once lay in the great Ocean and then merged in its depths. Atlantis history and people, its unique inconceivable civilization and fall all rests under the veil of mystery. And this mystery has always been tempting minds and souls of both explorers and daydreamers. Who lived in this world submerged in the waves? Could those people have come from other Galaxies? How did they manage to achieve such heights of their civilization? And finally, which unbelievable power could have destroyed in one instant all Atlantis might that had been created in the centuries? And what is Atlantis itself?
Atlantis is an island somewhere in a quiet corner of every human heart, a dream of some better cozy world the world where there is a place of Hope.

Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis
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Golden award at the "Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, 2004"
Bronze Cup holder of the Golden Circus festival in Rome, 2002