Walkabout: Arbie the Robot

Location: UK

Arbie the RobotImpact Artists   Arbie the RobotImpact Artists

ARBIE THE ROBOT is surely the most experienced 'human' robot available.
For over fifteen years ARBIE has travelled the world performing in over 21 countries. From Bombay to Beijing, Bangkok to Boston, his humour and visual entertainment is truly world-wide!

ARBIE has an immaculate style and is always complimented on the quality and attention to detail in his performance; indeed, ARBIE is so realistic that people will often search for the operator of this robot!

ARBIE is totally mobile on most flat surfaces and can easily cope with steps, small ramps, lifts and even escalators.

ARBIE talks in his own special way - a mixture of electronic sounds, and by special arrangement ARBIE can be 'pre-programmed' to play appropriate music and sound effects and can deliver customised messages created just for the event.

Bridging the age gap, ARBIE adapts his performance to suit the guests and is equally at home entertaining nervous kids and elderly parents as he is office partygoers and hard-core ravers!

Arbie the Robot Arbie the Robot Arbie the Robot
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