Walkabout: Aqueous Humour

Location: UK

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The Sky Muffins
The Sky Muffins emerged in 2002, called into action for the Commonwealth games, and arrived with the grace of elephants, the cognitive skills of jelly and the looks of road kill. Armed with synchronised manoeuvres and ever-ready smiles the hideous muffins have continued to serve the nation a great big dose of chaos.
The Sky Muffins are a Walkabout show, with the possibility of a static performance to fit any event. The Muffins makes fabulous Hosts for events adding that é─˛muffiné─˘ touch of class and are available for touring.

The Oozebog
A displaced family of alien swamp monsters displaying the social skills and graces of jelly fish. These directionless, inarticulate and excitable family of Oozebogs enjoy all opportunities to explore the human world.
The Oozebogs are a Walkabout show, causing confusion and delight wherever they are. With fantastic masks they are a great talking point and provide great fun for families and kids. The show can be adapted to the needs of any event, festival or corporate.

The Quantified girls look to the past when black and white was the latest look. Thrill at their amazing beauty and stunning vacuity as they become more and more conspicuous in their attempts to blend in with the crowd and the environment. With their new mode of transport they travel beautifully and in style - the scooter has never looked so good.
This is a walkabout / Scootabout show, which will engage with passers-by and is perfect for a festival setting, or is a real talking point for your corporate event.

Aqueous Humour Aqueous Humour
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