Lookalikes: Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal

Location: UK

Anthony Hopkins/HannibalImpact Artists   Anthony Hopkins/HannibalImpact Artists

Frank has been a professional Lookalike and Soundalike for Sir Anthony Hopkins for many years now.
He won "International Super Star" Category in Stars and Their Doubles, 2002.
Frank has the personality of Sir Anthony Hopkins, The Looks and the Voice are uncanny, even the way he moves is spot on-Frank portrays the Character of Dr Hannibal so convincingly he will be sure to send a chill or two down your spine.
Franks voice alone as Hannibal Lecter is naturally effective. However, that together with his looks and mannerism will be sure to shock you!
Even a trip to the local supermarket or take-away can have such an effect on the general public, when Frank jumps into the character of Dr Hannibal Lecter. However he informs us that this can sometimes work in his favour when he manages to clear the queue!
Entertaining people comes naturally to Frank and is something he enjoys doing very much, even if it means scaring the pants off people...
He promises he won't eat your liver...or will he?

Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal Anthony Hopkins/Hannibal
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