Jugglers: Anthony Gatto

Location: USA

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One of the highlights of his career came in the year 2000 when Anthony competed in the Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo. This is the most important competition in the circus world and no juggler had ever taken a gold home. Once again Anthony's ability would lead him to victory and he walked away with a gold. Since then he has continued to play the worlds top venues including Lido De Paris, Tiger Palast, Wintergarten Varieté, Monte Carlo Sporting Club and many many more. With all of his accomplishments and uncanny ability Anthony has been dubbed as "The World's Greatest Juggler" and to this day he continues to push the limits of human ability and lifts the art of juggling to unreachable standards.

In addition he competed in circus festivals in Italy, Belgium, and Mexico and earned the gold medal at all of those festivals. He performed steadily and practiced diligently while growing up. During his late teenage years Anthony broke every major juggling record that existed and continued breaking his own records consistently. Even to this day Anthony holds all of the meaningful juggling records.

Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto
Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto Anthony Gatto
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Gold - Festival Mondial du Cirque du Demain, Paris.
Gold - Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo (2000).
Gold - Les Olympiads du Cirque, Belgium.
Gold - Golden Circus, Italy.
Gold - Gasga Fuentes Circus Festival, Mexico.
Silver - Gran Premio International Festival, Italy.