Jugglers: Annette Gliwa

Location: UK

Annette GliwaImpact Artists   Annette GliwaImpact Artists

Annette has made her name in England as one of the very few top female jugglers.
She has developed a huge variety of acts and performances:
street theatre, cabaret acts and circus routines, entertainment suitable for any event.

The Circus Act
Annette's newest addition to the repertoire has been performed this year with great success at the Beechman Circus as well as at the Great European Circus.
A high tempo club juggling routine, with manipulation from one to five clubs, followed by an astounding Hula-hoop routine, presented in a slick, traditional circus style with grace and sex appeal.

Police Bounce
All the audience suddenly snaps to attention as police woman Annette enters. There is a shrill whistle and the routine starts with a very clever piece of visual comedy and slowly moves on to some great three ball bouncing. None of the balls in the pattern dares to disobey and equally Annette's audience is captived by her skillful ball manipulation and surreal manners. More balls are produced from her police issue shoulder bag until she culminates with a solid seven ball bounce pattern.
The traffic is in order; the world is set to rights.

Flapper Girl
A Flapper girl from the 1920s gracefully stalks on stage to perform her famous club swinging routine. But something is wrong with the gramophone. The funny, cheerful Charleston is grotesquely disparaged by a stuck needle, then it slows down, then it speeds up to a frenetic tempo, all of which the poor Flapper girl tries desperately to deal with. Finally the girl in her desperation takes the record and smashes it over her knee - only to discover the white rings behind it and with them a whole new, beautiful world begins...

Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa
Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa Annette Gliwa
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Press Credits:
"outstanding rountines from surreal ball-bouncer Annette Gliwa, theatre review Tom Phillips
comic, poetic, beautiful! Bim Mason
it was scary, she could do absolute everything!
a very clever piece of visual comedy