Jugglers: Andrey Pyr

Location: Ukraine

Andrey PyrImpact Artists   Andrey PyrImpact Artists

Influenced by Valentin Gneushev, Andrey began creating his hula-hoop act in 1996 and performed it on stage for the first time in 1999. The art of hula-hooping is dominantly female - Andrey wanted to become the first man to enter the hula-hoop world.
In this stunning act, Andrey combines modern choreography, flexibility and acrobatics into one mystical action. He merges as one with the hoop, spinning it around his body as he moves through the space.

Andrey Pyr Andrey Pyr Andrey Pyr Andrey Pyr
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1991- awarded the rank USSR Master of Sport - International level
2002 - winner of Serge Lifar International competition
Winner of Spectator's Prize - Cirque de Demain