Aerialists: Andrea Wick

Location: Germany

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"All that Jazz with Andrea Wick" combines the class and glamour of Broadway in the exciting arena of aerial trapeze.
Set to music from Liza Minnelli's
"The Act" and Chicago's "All that Jazz", Andrea Wick's performance is in the Fosse style, blending elements of vaudeville, jazz, female heartbreak and triumph starting from the stage and culminating high above upon the trapeze.

Aerial Silk
Let Andrea Wick take you on an emotional journey through the air!
In a perfect choreography, she combines her elegance with breathtaking drops that will dazzle your audience. Accompanied by a lyrical yet powerful music, Andrea Wick's performance is a feast for the ears, eyes and soul.

Andrea Wick Andrea Wick Andrea Wick Andrea Wick Andrea Wick
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