Lookalikes: Stuart Morrison - Ali G

Location: UK

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Stuart Morrison - Ali GImpact Artists   Stuart Morrison - Ali GImpact Artists

Stuart Morrison be Ali G For Real. Dis is da place on da net for da best Ali G Lookalike / impersonator dare is, Stuart Morrison. Why ave da rest when you can 'ave da best Ali G For Real innit. Well dats what all da bitches fink anyway(don't tell me Julie).
Check out da Ali G pics (no nudes, sorry ladies) and see what Ali G For Real is like.
If you fink Ali G For Real is good enough, den book Stuart for your party, gig, show, nightclub, bar, event, corporate "do", etc... Da perfect way to get fings going is the Lookalike tribute show Ali G For Real, innit.

So Boyakasha and Big Up Yersel' give me a call. Jah be blessed, Peace.

P.S. Westside is da best, Eastside are all mentalists.

Stuart Morrison - Ali G Stuart Morrison - Ali G
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Press Credits:
"There are other Ali G, celebrity lookalikes and soundalikes, but Stuart is an entertainer who really gets the crowd going. Other performers may looklike Ali G but Stuart really recreates his whole persona. Every Aiiii, boyakasha, and Respek are For Real"

"We booked other Ali G lookalikes before and Stuart is by far the best. From the moment he appeared the Club went nuts. Giving him maximum "respek", he was well wicked. The Pimp Daddy from the Staines Massive was totally recreated in his tribute act. Down to every last "Aiii", "Boyakasha" and "Me Julie"! Wearing the trademark Tommy Hilfiger Hat, Yellow Glasses, Goatee and yellow Fubu suit Stuart bursts onto the stage with all the energy and madness of the real thing. With a quick change he certainly keeps the audience engaged and projects himself throughout the venue."