Magicians: Alan Hudson

Location: UK

Alan HudsonImpact Artists   Alan HudsonImpact Artists

Alan is amongst the new breed of highly entertaining magicians. No cheesy lines, no rabbits in hats, no cutesy type effects that even a child of 4 thinks is stupid - just modern funky magic.

Think of a card - he'll tell you which one you're thinking of! Think of a number - he's
already written it down! Personal objects take on a life of there own - they vanish and appear in all sorts of places - and unlike many magicians - he has an entertaining and engaging personality.

As well as amazing close up magic Alan also performs a cabaret act (can last anywhere between 10 - 30 minutes) - its a cheeky mix of comedy magic and mind reading. This usually works well after Alan has been wowing with his close up magic through the meal (table to table) and you want something before the disco/band come on.

Although he'll disarm you with his natural wit - don't let it fool you -
it's his way of drawing you in to his super unnatural world.

Alan Hudson Alan Hudson Alan Hudson
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