Aerialists: Airlight

Location: UK

AirlightImpact Artists   AirlightImpact Artists

A unique and new aerial concept.
Two hoops play in synchronicity, suspended high in relative darkness. The performers ascend in ghostly form. Dressed in long white radiant dresses the girls create a world of their own, their dresses changing colour on whim. As the music starts the performers light themselves and their movement with a bespoke led lighting system pulsating with light in time to the music. Caught in a mesmeric atmosphere they play out their special dance.
This system has been developed further from The Light Ensemble with the collaboration from Aerotec.
Airlight can be extended to a full 15 minute show called Aurora working with the Gandinis and The Light Ensemble from Wrong Size.
This act has started to wow audiences with its cutting edge originality.

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Press Credits:
''You guys were amazing that was stunning. The feedback has been fantastic.''

Fiona events manager at the Science Centre, Glasgow 23/11/2006