Aerialists: Aerial Cube

Location: Canada

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Julie Lavergne, Geneviève Bérubé & Geneviève Drolet present the Aerial Cube.
A virtuoso trio who can turn a simple cube into an object of beauty, as they effortlessly turn and spin the cube while nonchalantly performing a gravity-defying ballet of aerial maneuvers. Fascinated observers hold their breath, wondering who is in control.
Unique in the world, the Aerial Cube Trio is a combination of acrobatics and technical prowess, in which the threshold of disequilibrium could be crossed at any moment. Awareness of the other and the quest for a point of stability 25 feet above the ground becomes the theme of this trio's cubic performance. The energy created by the complicity of the artists, gives the number an explosive feel.

Aerial Cube Aerial Cube Aerial Cube Aerial Cube Aerial Cube
Aerial Cube
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