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Location: UK

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Known as "Acts Fly", Kris and Christelle have impressed and amazed audiences all over the world with a unique blend artistic artistry, stregnth and technicality; turning the difficult circus diciplines of aerial acrobatics into aerial ballets. Both ex international gymnasts they competed at the highest levels befor the world of show buisness and circus life opened up to them. Since then they have graced the stages in some of the worlds most prestige venus including The Royal Operah House London,The Lido Cabaret Paris, The Grand Casino Aranjuez Madrid, Disney Land Resort Paris, The Circus Variety Show Athens and Cirque Maximum France just to name a few. As quoted by the Kingpole Circus Magazine 2005, "....they really are a superb act".

A combination of power, strength, elegance and grace that see's Kris fly high above the heads of the audience, performing moves that require the upmost power, precision and timing.
(Also available in flying tissue)

Using strength, grace and flexibility, Christelle turns the circle into an aerial ballet. Performing a sequence of elegant and powerfull moves high above the audiences head.

A duo act filled with emotion, grace and power. Kris and Christelle combining their skills and strength to perform a series of skillfull moves whilst flying through the air.
(Also available flying in tissue)

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