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Location: UK

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Looking for something different for your event? Ever wondered what it's like to be on a movie set? Look no further than Action Entertainments, an all-action stunt show like you have never seen before. Set on a location shoot made up to look like a film set, this 25-35 minute high octane show involves a variety of stunts and effects. Scenes being filmed include; Fights (armed and unarmed), high falls, trampette and acrobatic work containing pyrotechnics and replica firearms.

Watch as the stunt team, a crew of fully qualified stunt performers who have collectively been involved in various works in Film, TV, Commercials, Stage & Live shows, and under the watchful eye of the Action Director, re-create an intense chase and escape sequence. With the combination of music, narration and sound effects, let Action Entertainments bring a movie action set to your event. The show is fully self contained with its own P/A system and requires a flat surface area of 80ft x 50ft. The action-packed show gives you a behind the scenes look at the people who risk their necks to make real movie magic. The show is capable of being performed inside or outside and can be tailored to your event. It's guaranteed to leave you right on the edge.

Action Entertainments - Action Entertainments Action Entertainments - Action Entertainments
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