Walkabout: A Cherry on Top

Location: UK

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A Cherry on TopImpact Artists   A Cherry on TopImpact Artists

Always evolving and keen to experiment with new costumes and performance styles, we leave a lasting trail of beauty, elegance and laughter in our wake.

Cool Brittania
Oh blighty these ladies make an entrance!
Corseted and commanding, Cool Britannia never fail to wow the crowd.
From their sumptuous Vivienne Westwood-inspired gowns down to the elegant button of their boots, our patriotic pretties always put on a jolly good show.

Star and Moon
Shimmering white, celestial beings.
Star and Moon are perfect for adding sparkle and beauty to all kinds of winter events.
These heavenly creatures will leave a trail of stardust and wonder wherever they go.

Golden leopardesses who allure and surprise from on high - the highly interactive Lovecats come charged with drama.
Perfect for adding a touch of feline femininity to your event.
They'll make the audience purr with delight.

Comic, colourful, clowning around is what these larger-than-life ladies will bring to your event.
Stopping 'traffic' here, measuring children there, BUILDERS are ideal for any occasion that calls for lively high jinks.
Bonny and Betty - always mending and amusing.

FIRE is one of the ultimate displays - you can't help but be drawn to it.
A Cherry on Top perform tightly-choreographed fire routines, which have a dance-like quality.
When entertaining with fire is not an option, we captivate audiences with UV performances.

A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top
A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top A Cherry on Top
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