Stunts: 3Run

Location: UK

3RunImpact Artists   3RunImpact Artists

A group of the worlds best professional FreeRunnining Acrobats and Parkour Athletes, with extensive experience having worked on films such as James Bond Casino Royal to commercials for Xbox and Nestle, as visual and physical stunt artistes.

With the belief that anything is possible, 3RUN combine influences from the Urban Arts of Parkour, FreeRunning, Street stunts, and Urban Acrobatics to create visually outstanding performances and sequences of movement.

3RUN has brought together a group of talented, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals based around one ideal: The Freedom of Movement.

3RUN is about pushing yourself to a higher level in every plane and having fun getting there. It is about discovering who you are and who you will be.

Providing incredible Stunts, unique Shows and Performances. Often providing exciting concepts for product launches and special events.
3RUN stunt team choreograph and perform unique chase sequences and action packed stunts for Film, Commercial and Television.

With unmatched skill and ability worldwide, the 3run team are equipped to tackle even the most challenging projects with boundless enthusiasm and professionalism displaying their love for the art of movement in a truly unique and exiting way.

3Run 3Run 3Run 3Run 3Run
3Run 3Run 3Run
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